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The Ideaz Factory | Chandigarh, IN

Interior Design | Architecture | Product Design | Lighting

Status: Completed

The new office facility for a young and growing creative agency was envisioned to set a benchmark in ‘small to medium offices’ for this nature of scale and typology. Bringing together varied design sensibilities with common values, the studio office is an attempt to be both contextual and distinctive. The building programme was to accommodate workstations for their staff, Directors cabins, Managers cabins, Reception area, Huddle spaces, In-house cafe, Printing areas, Conference Room pod, Human Resources (HR) area, Accounting area, Services as well as some spill out areas. Part of the terrace area was to be populated with Solar PVs for active power generation and the area underneath to be doubled up into an activity zone. Activities for employees like TT Table and Lounging space on green turf.