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Why Le Corbusier’s Capitol Complex deserves to be a UNESCO world heritage site

Top Architects & Decor Magazine

Noor Dasmesh Singh ,our principal writes a feature on Le Corbusier’s Capitol Complex in ELLE DECOR Magazine.

Prototype prefab: Muji unveils the no-clutter Window House


Our Director explores the history of muji pre-fab houses Located in the city of Kamakura, southwest of Tokyo for wallpaper magazine.

17 Corbu sites in UNESCO World heritage list


Noor Dasmesh Singh, our Director contributes a piece in the celebrated Wallpaper magazine on the big news of UNESCO tag for Le Corbusier’s 17 modernist works including the Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex.

Challenges of Mohali city planning

Expert Views

Our director shares expert views of the challenges that Mohali (Satellite town of Chandigarh) faces today in terms of its Urban Planning principles. Views covered in a national daily Times of India.

Smart City Chandigarh

Our director shares views on the Smart City, Chandigarh in a national daily Times of India

Breaking out of cubicles

Breaking out of cubicles

Views of our director on office / space planning covered in ‘The Tribune’ national daily.

Unesco Proposal, Chandigarh

Think out of the box

Our director shares his vision on what the future of Chandigarh ought to be vis-a-vis the legacy of the city in one of national daily newspaper ‘The Times of India’

Heritage Tourism, expert views

Expert Views

Our director explaining the layering programme of the Architectural Museum at the Government Museum, Chandigarh covered in ‘Hindustan Times’ national daily.

Celebrating the 50th aniversary of Corbu Sahib


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Corbu Sahib. Views of our director shared in India Green Building Council’s publication. Noor Dasmesh Singh is also the core committee member of IGBC-Chandigarh Chapter.