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Tourist Destination | Pathankot, IN

Concept Masterplanning | EPC | EIA | MoEF Approvals

Area: 306.5 acres
Status: Ongoing
Client: Shivalik (Dhauladhar) Tourism Development
Collaboration: Building Design Partnership BDP (UK) Ltd

The project scope comprises of drawing up masterplan for 306.5 acres of land parcels around the Ranjit Sagar Dam together with BDP UK Ltd. The entire 306.5 acres is divided in different zones based on privacy and segment attributes. Broadly five zones are envisaged as below.
1. The Public zone: commercial, highway character zone – the Dam Colony site
2. Unique transport and access to sites as tourist attraction – Ropeway and waterways connection
3. The Iconic Zone – The central land parcel at the base of the Shivalik range to be the project focus with iconic structures, theme parks and amusement centers.
4. The private zones – resorts and retreats – planned on the land parcels adjacent to the islands.
5. Tourist Getaways at the Islands
Other scope includes Site Assessment Study incorporating the Geo-technical, Hydrological studies and drawing inferences. Conceptual Masterplanning, Environmental Impact Assessment studies and approval process and complete MoEF approvals.